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 What is the journal "BiO"?
 "BiO" is a journal for publishing research papers in biology (biomedical science) openfreely. An open review journal.

 As a journal it supports an openfree exchange of scientific literature information in an openfree hypertext system.

 All the published data are free and all the papers pubslished in BiO may or may not show the names of referees/reviewers and contributors.

  It is up to each paper (authors and the authors can choose)

 The contents of publication can be open to continuous reviews and criticisms.

 The credit or authorship will be determined as a collective group of authors, critical commentators, and peer reviewers.

  In other words, the paper can be a team work of anyone on Earth.

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 Scope     Editors     For authors     Philosophy of BiO

Background of Biojournal: "BiO" journal aims to provide a model of scientific publication and archiving system using collective minds utilizing group authoring system of Wiki.  More about BiO Journal

Do we need to publish in books and company journals in this cyber era?
:  Not necessarily.


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Bio papers published in other journals
Electronic Bio Journals
  • Politics and Life Sciences
  • Journals, Conferences, and Current Awareness Services at The WWW Virtual Library - Biosciences.
  • Genes & Development Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press
  • Biochemical Journal
  • Biology Journals of the COB (The Company of Biologists) Development, Journal of Cell Science, Journal of Experimental, and Biology.
  • BioEssays Advances in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology
  • Journal of Biological Chemistry (JBC) Online Version
  • BioMedNet -- "The world wide club for biomedical Scientists." �UNIQ4c48ead24acf135f-!---00000001-QINU�
  • Biophysical Journal
  • Bioscene -- Journal of College Biology Teaching
  • British Medical Journal �UNIQ4c48ead24acf135f-!---00000002-QINU�
  • Chemistry & Biology
  • GENE-COMBIS Computing for Molecular Biology Information Service. Peer-reviewed Gene articles in the field of Computational Molecular Biology, published by Elsevier Science in cooperation with the European Bioinformatics Institute. Editors-in-Chief Michael Ashburner (UK) Nathan Goodman (USA).�UNIQ4c48ead24acf135f-!---00000003-QINU�
  • Genome Research "In August 1995, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press began publication of a new, monthly, international, peer-reviewed journal, GENOME RESEARCH. The journal focuses on genome studies in all species, including genetic and physical mapping, DNA sequencing, gene discovery, informatics, statistical and mathematical methods and genome structure and function, as well as technological innovations and applications. New data in these areas are published as research papers, review articles, short reports, and summaries of physical mapping and large-scale sequencing projects. GENOME RESEARCH incorporates PCR METHODS & APPLICATIONS, which for the past 4 years has published practical papers describing amplification techniques and their use. "
  • Human Molecular Genetics Online �UNIQ4c48ead24acf135f-!---00000004-QINU�
  • JMB Online. Journal of Molecular Biology. "Academic Press welcomes you to the prototype version of JMB Online. Established in 1959, the Journal of Molecular Biology leads the way for scientists worldwide. JMB Online will do the same. Every week we will be adding the papers from the latest issue of the Journal of Molecular Biology. "
  • Molecular Vision. A peer-reviewed Web Journal. No print version.
  • Nucleic Acids Research. �UNIQ4c48ead24acf135f-!---00000005-QINU�
  • Structure. "Structure publishes research papers and review articles of exceptional interest from the full spectrum of structural investigations in cell and molecular biology. The journal focuses on the description of structures as they relate to the biological action of particular macromolecules or assemblages." "The first monthly international journal devoted exclusively to structural biology. Features research papers, expert reviews, news, and a meetings calendar. Available online to members of the BioMedNet club for biomedical researchers and clinicians. (See or email "