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Publish in (under construction. Not ready yet)


1. Make an account (it is simple)

2. Create a journal title: e.g.) "Genomes are ultimate identifiers of humans".

   This title will be the unique identifier. An ID will be assigned. It is simply the string of year, month, day, hour, name of the uploader/author, and location.

    For example:   2011.

3. Put abstracts, texts, images, references etc.

    (There is no format yet. It is free style. As long as it follows a good scientific literature style, it is acceptable)

4. Once finished. Put the title in the "Published list" section.

5. People will comment on your paper through "discussion" system.

6. Modify your papers.


On going papers: These are papers being written on BiO. This means you can edit your manuscript on BiO web sites directly. When it is done, you should move it to "Publication List" section.




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