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Philosophy of the journal BiO.


BiO is openfree and open review journal.

The open journal "BiO" is more than OpenAccess. Its content is public domain. It is completely free. Anyone can take the text, images, ideas, and data when the papers are published here. No permission is necessary.

* It means, anyone can publish an article in Bio. Bio journal only checks certain essential scientific quality of the submission and manages the published ones (retracting articles if they are found to have a critical faults)

The only restriction:

The contents should not be modified without the knowledge of the authors.


* Authors can choose to make it an OpenAccess paper by notifying it. However, authors cannot restrict the papers anything more than that.


Open hypertext system (OHS: i.e., it is wiki)

 BiO is the first Wiki based Journal. In other words, BiO's published papers are similar to wiki entry in Wikipedia.



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