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Woke up this morning, first open theChristian Louboutin Evening mailbox and QQ. The first letter is to Momo, is an electronic card, which is the second of. The card reads: "No wonder why, just want you to know, really behind you, there are many people who support you for your fuel! Momo" So, have a happy smile look like a curtain, Shua about, it opened my morning.Dad put on reading glasses, then carefully cut up some clumsy a pear, then cut into small pieces and served in a bowl, put a toothpick to show me. Said, eat, lungs. One hand holding the rest of the pearsChristian Louboutin Wedges cut into his mouth nuclear.Mother wrong time, 10 points will do the lunch side to me, let me laugh and cry, because a bad cold scrambled eggs, chives and then hot, I Duanqifanwan casually eat some. Results at a hungry stomach, and my father had a bowl of hot rice for me.Other times, I honest in bed, relying on a mat, knees, stood under a mattress,Christian Louboutin Boots Ectocarpus MM asked me that day when the interview position, like I said, my position is the astronaut Yang Liwei. Yes, that is the way, from morning to night, from Year 4 to this day.Day to begin.Talk about my work today, is not to show anything, just record what I was doing. - Often have friends come up to ask me, what are you doing? Oh, you're atChristian Louboutin Ankle Boots work? Can you work? What are you doing? Civil society? ... Oh, do not know. Ah, you like to watch TV? Otherwise we play online games, right? ... ...

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